The house is on fire: how we can stand with the youth strikes

This public meeting was a great opportunity to hear from people who are finding new ways to tell the truth and act on the climate emergency - getting their local councils to pass climate emergency declarations (and act on them!); taking direct action with Extinction Rebellion; work in trade unions; campaigning for a Green New Deal; reaching out to MPs and more. In this time of huge political uncertainty, we have an opportunity to refocus attention on the planetary crisis and social justice - what practical actions can we take right now to help that happen?

Many thanks to SOAS UCU and SOAS Unison for their support.

Angus Lees-Miller speaking on UK youth strikes

Nils Agger speaking on Extinction Rebellion

Louise Young speaking on Climate Emergency campaigns

Angus Satow speaking on a UK Green New Deal

Suzanne Jeffery speaking on climate jobs, social justice and unions


Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30