One Million Climate Jobs, 2014 edition - Find out more about how one million climate jobs could bring about a just transition to a low-carbon economy, and what it would mean for our society and our climate, in this fully updated and revised edition. Free to download, or order hard copies.

Climate Emergency - Written in 2011 by CCC's founder, Phil Thornhill, this is still a useful introduction to the climate crisis. Download the .pdf version for free by clicking here, or email if you wish to purchase a copy.

Flyers / postcards

Postcards to send MPs 'We're going the wrong way on climate change: Time to turn it around.'

New: flyer: 'Why workers should oppose fracking' - free (donations towards printing & postage welcome), contact to order.

One Million Climate Jobs flyer free, contact to order.

Leaflet about trade union affiliation to the Campaign against Climate Change - free, contact to order.

'How to' resources

Building local groups and networks - a step by step guide 

This guide was put together by a group of Campaign against Climate Change campaigners, drawing on their experience of campaigning locally and building local alliances. It covers: The basics of setting up a campaigning group

  • Working in alliance with diverse local interests
  • Working with your local council 
  • Involving trade union branches in climate campaigning
  • Reaching out to students and young people in your area

Resources for Campaign Groups (Seeds for Change) on facilitating meetings, campaign planning, publicity, funding and other issues.

How to get your letter in the local paper (Friends of the Earth)

An activist's guide to exploiting the media by George Monbiot

Influencing your MP

Partnership with trade unions against climate change