Resources for campaigning

New - Campaign t-shirts

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Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency. Find out more about how climate jobs could bring about a just transition to a low-carbon economy, and what it would mean for our society and our climate, in this report by our trade union group. Free to download, or order hard copies.

Mini-flyers for the climate jobs book - version here that you can print out at home, but we also have some ready printed.

Campaign against Climate Change: A brief report on Climate Jobs in Cumbria relating to the campaign against the proposed Whitehaven coal mine


Brief flyers on why we need climate jobs not new oil and gas - NEW

Greenwashing fossil fuels with carbon capture, hydrogen and biomass

Why workers should oppose aviation expansion (updated version)

Flyer about the right to strike and links to climate campaigning

Leaflet about trade union affiliation to the Campaign against Climate Change

Mini flyers (A7) advertising climate jobs books 

Climate refugees / climate justice flyers (front / back)

Placard posters

Availability varies, but get in touch if you'd like some for local protests (provided at cost price plus postage)

'How to' resources

Influencing your MP

Working with trade unions locally

Building local groups and networks - a step by step guide (note this dates back to 2013 so links etc may be outdated but it still contains useful content)

Resources for Campaign Groups (Seeds for Change) on facilitating meetings, campaign planning, publicity, funding and other issues.

Press Officer Handbook (NEON) - guidance on getting stories covered by local and national media

An activist's guide to exploiting the media by George Monbiot

Spokesperson's Guide (NEON) - how to ace live and recorded media interviews