What We Do

Campaign against Climate Change was the first campaign group set up in the UK specifically to campaign for climate action (read about our history). Over 20 years later, the climate movement has grown exponentially, but the crisis is even more urgent, and our determination to fight against the catastrophic destabilisation of our climate is just as great.

We believe in the power of street protests, big and small, in working in coalitions as part of a wider movement and in making the links between climate change and other social justice issues. Our trade union group campaigns on the potential for climate jobs in transport, energy, buildings, food, education and more to tackle the climate crisis and build a fairer society.

Mission Statement

Listed below are some of the more significant campaign events from the past few years.


A year in which energy companies raked in billions from rising gas prices, while the cost of living soared in the UK. The government was in turmoil, yet consistently pursued the disastrous policy of giving tax incentives to drill in the North Sea, instead of investing in warm homes and cheap renewables to tackle the climate crisis and fuel poverty.

With COP27 held in Egypt, the UK climate movement made links with human rights campaigners calling for prisoners to be freed

Earlier in the year, our trade union group held a series of in-depth online discussion meetings on different climate jobs themes, now available to view online.


This was a busy year of organising around the country, working with the COP26 coalition towards the UN climate negotiations in November:

Coalition round-up video

What happened at COP26? And what next?

Online webinar: Falling through the Net? How Net Zero covers up climate inaction

Ahead of COP26, our trade union group also published Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency, a detailed and in-depth update of the earlier groundbreaking One Million Climate Jobs report


A year which started with an energetic series of public meetings and local summits looking forward to COP26 but then of course overtaken by the Covid pandemic. Recordings of some of our online events can be found below.

Videos and webinars:


Campaign against Climate Change was very much involved in mobilising in support of the global climate strike in September, working in particular with trade unions ahead of an unprecedented day of action led by young people around the world.

Global Climate Strikes

Public meeting:  The house is on fire: how we can stand with the youth strikes

IMO, Shipping and the climate emergency


Jobs and Climate: Planning for a future which doesn't cost the earth  

IMO, Shipping Protest

Trump London Visit Demonstration

COP 24 Protest & March in London


Trump's inauguration protest

‘Climate Refugees’- The Climate Crisis and Population Displacement: Building a Trade Union and Civil Society Response

Climate Bloc - March for Science, London

Trump and May, Climate Disaster: Rise Up!

Protesting Trump plans to withdraw US from Paris climate deal

Remembering the victims of climate disasters: Trumpiversary


Going Backwards on Climate Change

Yorkshire says NO to fracking

Trump: disaster for the planet - Time to Act

All we want for Christmas... is Climate Action!


TIME TO ACT climate march 

Climate Bloc - End Austerity

Climate March London

Protests in Paris and London